Epic Seven: Silver Transmit Stone Guide

Updated: Apr 15

Transmit Stones can be obtained mostly from missions and you can get some from Hero Transmission.

Hero Transmissions

In hero transmission you can get the following:

3 star heros give you 1 Silver transmit stone and 1760 gold

4 star heros give you 10 Silver Transmit Stone and 8,400 gold --> Dont recommend

5 Star heros give you 30 Silver Transmit Stone and 52,800 gold --> Dont recommend

For 3 star hero, if you have deemed them unworthy, we suggest triple SSS imprint first before selling them. There is a mission for SSS grade heroes and you get Convenant bookmarks. So be patient!

Some people also transmit Tera Phantasma and Giga-Phantasmas, I only recommend it if you are in later game.

Daily Missions

You should be getting at least 7 Silver Transmit stone each week through daily quests.

You can also get 8 Transmit stone for every 10 enhance artifact skills. This means that whenever you enhance your artifacts to +3, +6… and so on.

Enhance Artifact Mission

This is not as hard as it seems because some genius figured out a loop hole here is how to do it:

1. Take a 1 star artifact you get from Friendship Bookmark summons and enhance it to +3

2. feed it to another 1 star artifact so that you can get it to +3 immediately

So... everytime you feed the +3 1 star to the new +0 1 star.

3. Keep repeating it 10 times and you will get 8 silver Transmit stones.

You can get 1 star and 2 star artifacts from Friendship bookmark summons. So again, it is very important to get good active friends and set good reps to gain those friendship points!

The only downside of this is that it will max out. I believe after 300 enhance artifacts, you will not be able to do this mission anymore.

Youtube video below from Grass Angel shows you step by step on how to do it:


Hope this Helps! Feel free to check out our other guides! Until next time.