Abyss Floor 1-24

Updated: Apr 15

This will not be our typical Abyss guide as level 1-24 pretty much doesn't really involve any strategy. It is simply us leveling up our heroes.

Whenever we are stuck at a level, we just level up our hero even more.

If we get stuck at a level, we "Purify" the abyss for gold and Stigma and come back another day.

We will share our team's stats and some comments in the section below.

Team Stats

1. All gears you see below are from the Path of Adventure and Sez's gear is from when you cleared the Adventurer's Path to Adept Adventurer Clear any Spirit Alter 4. This is a huge power spike and just throw that gear on your damage dealer and you will probably be using it for a long time.

2. Notice I have not upgraded any of these gears. The only upgrades I did were to clear the Adventurer's Path quests. This is because it is not necessary to upgrade these at least in the early stages. You will be replacing these gears in the near future so please do not upgrade too much of these gears, but instead you should level your heroes :)

3. Notice my team is consist of 3 healer and only one Damage dealer in Sez. This is my set up because in Abyss, survival is more important than damage. You can usually slowly grind the bosses down as long as you stay alive. It will take more time but slow and steady is definitely the way to go in Abyss (you will see in later fights)

4. Do not feel too stressed about not passing a level at these stages, simply keep leveling up your character and you will get through them pretty easily.

5. Arky is our best friend

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Until next time!