Epic Seven: Lilias

Updated: Jun 9


Why Lilias?

  • Team wide debuff Cleanse with S3

  • S3 scales with heroes that have highest attack

  • S1 triggers dual attack

  • S2 has 2 turn provoke and grants a barrier

  • Very good in both PVP and PVE

How Sez Built the Hero

Lilias can be very easy to gear and very hard to build at the same time. It really depends on what players plan on doing with her.

Our current build is a high Effect Resistance Lilias with 200 Effect Resistance. We would like to get Effect Resistance to the 240+ range since in Champion RTA sometimes she still gets debuffed.

This is mainly built for World Arena RTA to counter all the debuff teams. She has enough speed to move before all our bruiser and main Damage dealer, but slow enough for the fast debuffers to waste their skill and let us cleanse away all the debuff with S3.

We want to stress that Lilias is completely usable even without the high Effect Resistance. A very nice entry Lilias is just purely health and defense and some speed and effectiveness.

There are also a Bruiser Lilias where players will put more emphasis on Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage.

Lilias is also amazing in PVE as a lot of heroes has mechanics that prevents players from using non-attack skills. For example Nilgal in expedition. Players can utilize LIlias's S3 to cleanse away all the poison and debuffs instead of having to heal or use a Soulweaver skill.

Stat Priority

1. Health, Defense (enough to survive some damage)

2. Effectiveness (50 to 60% just incase but not necessary)

3. Speed, Effect Resistance

Skill Enhancement

S2 and S3 will need to be +3 and that will be enough for normal non damage dealing Lilias. Bruiser LIlias will probably need more skill enhancement.

Contents Used

Hall of Trials: Nilgal


Guild War

World Arena


Artifact Used


Any Knight Artifact works for Lilias as there are so many good options. We picked Aurius because of who we are pairing her with.

This concludes our Hero Build. If you want to see other heroes we built, please click here

Sez Gaming make Epic Seven EZ. Until next time!