Epic Seven: Re-Roll Guide

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Welcome to Epic Seven! You have downloaded the one of the best mobile games!

In this guide we will discuss how to Re-roll and also the best start.


Use Guest Login

Account Reset

Selective Summons

Best Start

Example Selective Summons

Use Guest Login

Make sure to choose Guest Login when you first start the game because this will make it easier to reset the account if needed. You can link your e-mail or Stove Account after you determine you are keeping this account.

Always select Guest Login in the beginning

Account Reset

Reset button is found in the Settings. Settings button is in top right hand corner.

When you reset, it doesn’t require you to re-download the game, which is amazing for re-rolling. It simply makes your previous guest account not accessible.

Selective Summons

Selective Summoning is unlocked once you clear Chapter 1-10, and you can only do it once per account.

Each time you summon you get a combination of characters and artifact. And you get to choose to Keep these summons or continue to summon.

If you choose to Keep, the Selective summoning session stops, and you get to keep the summon. If you choose to continue to summon, you discard what you summoned and re-rolled into a new summon.

You can keep re-rolling up to 30 times in Selective Summon.

Selective Summon Unlocked after 1-10

Notable limitation of the Selective Summon

1. Selective summon only include a set of 5 star heroes.

We review these heroes in this Guide Here.

2. Each summon can only get one 5 Star Hero or Artifact (so do not try to go for 2 5 star Heroes during the selective summon)

Lets now dive into what you should do in a Reroll:

Step 1: Pick your targets

Read up on Useful 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars in links below. If research is not your thing, the best combination we think is Sigret + Clarissa we will go over them in later section here

3 stars

4 stars

5 stars

Step 2: Review who you can get through "Connections"

"Connections" are free heroes you can get when you completed all the missions. Because you can get these heroes eventually, we should try to avoid these heroes during re-roll and Selective Summons.

Lorina Connection Missions

Step 3: Clear Chapter 1 Stage 10 to unlock Selective Summons.

Some key notes for Selective summons:

  • Remember you cannot get all the heroes in Selective Summons

  • You can only get 1 5 star Hero per summon

Step 4: Determine if you are satisfied with your selective summons. If not press the reset button and clear 1-10 again until you are content.

Best Starts

Disclaimer: Our best start is simply for Selective Summon. The true hardcore start will be to re-roll with Covenant Bookmarks until you get a Moonlight Hero 5 Star hero. That will take quite some determination and time.

We mentioned 4 star Hero Clarissa + 5 star Hero Sigret is one of the best starts in the game for several reasons.

  1. Both Clarissa and Sigret are one of the best heroes for Wyvern Hunt

Hunts are the most important content in the game because it is the main source of Equipment to build all players' favorite hero. Wyvern Hunt in particular drops Speed Set and Critical Hit Set that is widely used across all heroes and is the most versatile. So one of the first goals of the game is to build a Wyvern Hunt 13 team. You can find our Wyvern 13 guide here.

2. Sigret can deal with Arbiter Vildred in early game with Extinction

Because of Moonlight Blessings, many players are given with 1 Moonlight 5 Star hero and a lot of players would pick Arbiter Vildred as he is one of the most versatile Moonlight Heroes. Sigret is one early game Counter to him because of her ability to one shot Arbiter Vildred without Arbiter Vildred Reviving. This is because her Skill 3 has extinction on it.

3. All the Healers and Tanks can be obtained through Connection Heroes.

When you review Connection Heroes in the first few steps you would have noticed Angelica and Montmorancy. They are two amazing healers that are versatile and can carry us through early to mid game.

They can also be used as Wyvern Tank and if you do not like them as tanks, Crozet is also available.

4. Best Farmers are given to you through Connections.

Farmers are heroes that are capable of clearing many stages by themselves and very fast. Farmers will also be your main Damage Dealer for many Adventure and Labyrinth Contents. While being a farmer may not be the strongest suit for both Clarissa and Sigret, the game gives us one of the best Farmers in the game in Free Spirit Tieria .

Free Spirit Tieria is obtained through Connection Heroes. One benefit of her is that she is fully skill enhanced and she is light element. Light and Dark Element Heroes doesn't really have Elemental disadvantages so they can be useful in almost all contents.

To sum it up, Sigret and Clarissa helps cover the most important content in Wyvern 13 Hunt, and can deal with Arbiter Vildred and you still have enough resources to make up for their delinquencies. This is why we think Sigret and Clarissa is one of the best starts currently.

Examples of Selective Summons

Example 1: One 5 Star Hero Away

Schuri is an amazing 4 star hero and Rosa Hargana works pretty well with Schuri.

However I would not keep this because it does not have a 5 star hero. If this came with a decent 5 star hero.


Example 2: Not good enough

This one has a Sez but nothing else. The 3 star heroes like Hazel, Kiris, and Roozid are all very useful, but I think you can easily summon them as you keep playing. So I would be a little more greedy and pass on this.

Verdict: PASS

Example 3: Aramintha and 3 4 star artifacts

This one I would consider keeping depending on how much I like Aramintha. Unfortunately Aramintha is currently not very useful as a 5 star hero. So I would skip this.

4 star artifacts may seem very good, but there are many opportunities throughout the game that will give players 4 star artifacts. So we recommend not putting too much emphasis on 4 Star Artifacts.

Example 4: Keep!

In this example, it has 1 5 star hero, 1 4 star hero, 2 4 star artifacts. You probably wouldn't be able to get something better than this. In most cases, you keep it.

However, this photo is actually not the best example because the 4 star hero Cartuja, you can actually get him through connections.

Also the 4 star artifacts are not the greatest too.

So I would actually pass on this specific example, but hopefully you get the idea.

To sum it all up, 1 5 star hero + 1 4 star hero should always be considered for keeping. Unless you do not like one of the characters.