Epic Seven: Useful 4 Star Heroes (ML not included)

Updated: Jun 9

In this guide we will go over some top tier 4 star non-Moonlight heroes.

Now let us get started!







Angelica (Healer and Buffer)

Useful Contents: Wyvern Hunt, Labyrinth, PVP, Abyss

Key Skills


  • Immunity buff and short heal cool down

  • Great Tank and Healer

  • Can be used in almost all contents


  • Montmorancy could take her job, but they also work well together


Angelica is one of the best healers in the game. She comes with immunity buff and great heal and they are all on short Cool downs. You can even soulburn to extend your immunity buff durations. Recently Angelica is losing a bit of popularity due to the rise of Montmorancy (check out our hero build here), Angelica may not be as necessary as before.

Immunity Buff: Makes your team immune to all debuffs and negative effects. A lot of boss and PVP revolve around applying debuffs which means if you remove the chance of getting these debuffs, you will breeze through a lot of content.

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Achates (Healer, Cleanser)

Useful Contents: Golem Hunts, Labyrinth, Abyss, PVE content, PVP

Key Skills


  • Team Heal and Cleanse every 3 turns (After skill enhancement)

  • Invulnerability and Cool Down reduction for skill 2

  • Attack Debuff on S1

  • Very versatile and useful for a lot of contents in PVE and PVP

  • Easy to build with low gear requirement


  • Not really a weakness but she is just not used for Wyvern Hunt because of her element. So new players might need to wait a bit before building her.


Achates's most unique skill is "Rapid Cure" (S2) it provides invincibility and cool down reduction. it is great for a lot of PVE and PVP contents and it is only on a 3 turn cooldown, in fact all her skills are on very short cool down. Curing Prayer does Team heal + Debuff removal and is only on a 3 turn Cool down after Skill Enhancement. After Skill Enhancement, Achates can actually use S3 every other turn. All players have to do is use Curing Prayer first and then Skill 2 on Achates herself to decrease cooldown of her skills.

Achates is part of the reason why I didn't put Destina as the top recommendation in Selective Summon Guide

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Furious (Defense Breaker, Critical Hit Chance Buff)

Useful Content: Wyvern Hunt

Key Skills


  • Great Single Target Defense Breaker (100% effect chance with skill enhance)

  • Has access to Song of Stars Artifact

  • Critical Chance Buff for the team which will decrease gear requirement. Critical Hit Chance Buff gives +50% Critical Hit Chance for the whole team

  • Amazing unit for Wyvern Hunt

  • Accessible in Connection Heroes


  • One dimensional, outside of Wyvern Hunt and maybe some Early game contents.


Karin is an amazing single target damage dealer that requires decent gear. Once you give her 100% Crit chance, her Blade Art: Flash will apply Decrease Defense debuff and grant an extra turn. Then Karin can use the Blade Art: Thunder and do a lot of damage. In late game, she is used in a lot of One shot Wyvern 11 teams.

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Clarissa (Defense Breaker, Farmer, Debuffer)

Useful Content: Wyvern Hunt, Farmer, Early Game PVP

Key Skills


  • Defense Break on S1 and S3

  • Applies lots of Bleed

  • Exclusive Equipment gives her even more Debuffs

  • Great AOE damage in S3 and S2 passive


  • Will always be a decent Wyvern Hunt, but she doesn't really accel in other contents


Clarissa with the Exclusive Equipment becomes incredible Wyvern Hunter. She applies a lot of Bleed and can Defense Break. Clarissa also deals great damage and can be used as an Early game farmer and PVP Cleaver.

Her PVP viability will be replaced pretty fast when players get access to Moonlight heroes and many other heroes. However she can always be used for Wyvern Hunt and she is amazing at it.

We currently think Clarissa and Sigret + Defense Breaker is the best damage combination for Wyvern Hunt.

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Rose (Tank, Attack Buff, Combat Readiness Pusher)

Useful Contents: Wyvern Hunt, Arena, Fire Expedition (Brutal Pherus)

Key Skills