For Returning Players to Epic Seven

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

With the recent promotions for players to Return, Epic Seven is clearly trying very hard to win back the heart of many players world wide. In my humble opinion, Epic Seven has successfully improved itself and implemented many changes that was requested from the player base.

Although it took some time but they have managed to make the game better now. I would like to list out some new changes to help the newer returning player catch up!

  • Removal of Pet food, so easy to auto spam now, but this does require you to have a higher star pet for more auto runs.

  • Pet can Inherit 2 skills at 3 star.

  • Free Gear removal at least once a month

  • Wyvern and Spirit Altar event also happens at least once a month

  • Labyrinth Hell Raid fully opened with all bosses and one time Main Rewards (free gear!)

  • Abyss level 91 to 100

  • Real Time Arena

  • Equipment conversion (improved with lesser requirement)

  • Charms from Alchemist's Steeple

  • 1Hall of Trial changes to just taking the highest score and into a small competition

  • Guild World boss and World boss drops improvement

  • Guild War Official launch with some rule change (this just happened in 4/2 and some things might change still)

  • Main story Chapter 2 Ended

  • Hero balances, which I am not going to go into too much detail, but I would just check the exclusive equipments and also review your 5 star characters again

  • Added "Waiting Room", basically extra storage for your Heroes, you can put characters in whenever you want. Unlike the "Storage" where you can only check out and cannot put heroes in.

  • Pity Summons, Each Banner will basically guarantee you summon the banner hero after 120 summons. Mystic Summon also has a pity summon now.

On the final note, I want to say that overall the game although feels different, but actually what you needed to do are relatively the same. Grind gear, level up fodder, PVP and grind more!

That concludes my quick summary.

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