Epic Seven: Guild Guide

Updated: Apr 15

Join a guild!


JOIN A !@#$ing GUILD!!!!!!!!!

Hope by now you joined a guild in Epic Seven, but if you are still hesitant about it here are a couple of reasons why Guilds are important:

1. Guild shop sells valuable goods

2. Extra EXP and Gold buffs

3. Mystic Summon!

4. Make some friends!

Now you do not get to enjoy all the benefits just by joining or creating a guild, but its a start! You will need to participate in various activities to acquire Brave Crests and

What to do after you have joined a guild?

1. Participate in Guild Wars

2. Activate Extra Boosters

3. Donate Gold and Proof of Courage

4. Request Aid and Give Aid

5. Complete as many weekly Mission as possible

Now lets dive deeper...

Why are Guilds Important?

1. Guild shop sells valuable goods

These information are also in our Shopping guide

Before we do anything let’s calculate the minimum amount of Brave Crest you should be getting:

Every day: 50 Brave Crests + 10 Brave Crests + 5 Brave Crests = 65 Brave Crests

65 * 7 = 455 Brave Crests

60 Brave Crests from Missions

Total = 515 Brave Crests each week.

This is assuming you do not Donate any Proof of Courage or Aid other people.

Knowing this, lets dive into what you should buy:

Must Buy:

Proof of Valor: Very useful artifact in all content. It just makes any hero hard to kill, make sure you buy this before you spend your Commander's Armband on anything else.

Things to Buy Daily:


Things to buy Weekly:

MolaGora Seed (250 Brave Crests)

Same old story, get any MolaGora you can find. Make sure you buy them all the time as they are very hard to come by. These are used for Skill enhancement. So you will only have 350 Brave Crests left to play around with.

Optional to Buy weekly:

Labyrinth Compass (180 Brave Crests)

Considering Labyrinth is one of the more efficient places to get great gears, I highly suggest buying this in early game. Especially when you start unlocking higher level Labyrinth. If you can only do the Tirel Castle, I wouldn’t recommend buying yet because we replace T2 or T3 items pretty fast.

Catalyst Chest (180 Brave Crests)

Farming Catalyst is a pain, but this chest may not be the solution to ease your pain. This is because the chest gives you random Catalysts and most of the time you probably will not be getting the ones you need. Sure all Catalyst are probably useful eventually as you get more Heros, but compare to Labyrinth Compass where it is almost for sure getting some value, I do not recommend getting the Catalyst chest unless you have a surplus of Brave Crests.

Optional to Buy Monthly:

Tera- Phantasma (900 Brave Crests)

I suggest buying this when you have a surplus of Brave Crests especially in very early game where you want to try and 6 star your main Hunts team as soon as possible.

After I got a few 6 star Heroes, I start buying Catalyst chest weekly, and will not be purchasing Tera-Phantasma unless I have a surplus of Brave Crests.

Optional to buy:

Artifact Charm

The only other place to buy this is either from labyrinth/Adventure Merchant and the Transmit Stone Shop. However 180 Brave Crests might be a pretty hefty price in the beginning. I would not buy it until you are very very active in guild or maybe in the future there will be more guild events to earn more Brave Crests.

2. Extra EXP and Gold buff

Guild Captains can purchase 10% extra gold and EXP buffs as long as the Guild has money in the bank. So be sure you donate gold to your guild so that they can keep the buffs coming!

Also consider switching the guild if they are not buying any of these buffs because this is one of the indicators that the guild leader do not know what they are doing or your schedule do not match this guild.

3. Mystic Summons!

Mystic Medals can be obtained when you participate in Guild Wars. the more you participate and win, the more Mystic Medals you can get. These Mystic Medals can then be used for Mystic Summons. Every week there will be a different pool of things you can get summon. Maybe you get lucky and summon one of the Moonlight Heros!

Mystic Summon

4. Make some friends!

Always make friends! Chat with your guild mates, make some good friends and have some fun!

What to do in a Guild?

You are happy that you joined a new guild, but you will often be confused on what to do other than saying hi in the Guild chat.

Worry no more, here I will be going over what you should do in the guild! I will also be calculating how much Brave Crest you should be getting from each action so that you will know how much you can spend in the Guild shop.

Activities can be summarized in the following:

1. Participate in Guild Wars

2. Donate Gold and Proof of Courage

3. Request Aid and Give Aid

4. Complete as many weekly mission as possible

5. World Boss

For more detailed explanations...

1. Participate in Guild Wars

Guild Wars! you can earn Conquest Points and Mystic Medals.

Mystic Medals are used for the Mystic Summons. It is another method to get characters for free! The more you participate the more Mystic Medals you get.

In addition, you will be able to help the guild win more wars, hence lead to even more Mystic Medals.

Guild War happens on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each War, you get to enter 3 battles and assuming you win all your battles, you can get a maximum of 90 conquest points.

For more information, read our Guild Wars Guide!

2. Donate Gold and Proof of Courage