Hall of Trials: Archdemon Mercedes

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

How to Defeat Archdemon Mercedes?

  • Dispel Archdemon Mercede's Buffs

  • Control Minions (Optional)

  • Don't let Yellow Minion Steal Buffs

  • Save 1 Dispel Skill for After Yellow Minion and Purple Minion Use Their Skills

  • Remember Yellow Minion Cleanse and applies Immunity buff

Dispel Archdemon Mercedes's Buffs

Buff Control is the key to this fight. The longer you can keep Archdemon Mercedes without buffs, the better. This is because Archdemon Mercedes gain two things when she has a buff on herself:

  1. Her Basic attack triggers a follow up teamwide attack with chance to decrease Defense

  2. She gains Combat Readiness whenever she gets hit

By constantly dispelling her buffs, we can limit the amount of damage she does significantly.

Control Minions (Optional)

Yellow and Purple minions does a lot for Archdemon Mercedes and unfortunately we cannot kill them. What we can do is control them and make sure they do not take too many turns. There are two ways to control them:

  1. Apply debuffs like stun, silence, etc.

  2. Bring AOE damage and kill them

When they receive fatal damage, they will become stunned. So that is one way to just use AOE damage to damage them.

Don't let Yellow Minion Steal Buffs

Yellow minion's basic attack has chance to steal buffs from our team and apply it to Archdemon Mercedes.

We can counter this by not applying too many buffs on our team or only applying buffs when we know we can dispel it or when Yellow minion is about to cast.

Save 1 Dispel Skill for After Yellow Minion and Purple Minion Use Their Skills

Since both Yellow and Purple minion's skills buffs Archdemon Mercedes, try to save one dispel buff skill after they use their skills.

Recommended Heroes

Some heroes we recommend for this Hall of Trials Boss. This list will not contain all the heroes so keep your creative juice flowing even if you do not have these heroes.


Heroes that can Heal and cleanse with attack skills is highly valued.


  • All the extra attack is good and heals the team

  • Revive buff cannot be stolen


  • Buff Strip after transformation

  • Combat Readiness Push, Attack Buff and Dual Attack

Damage Dealers + Buff Strippers


  • High Percentage Buff Strip and Defense Breaks

  • Unbuffable debuff

  • CD Resets works well with many heroes


  • Buff Strip

  • Great Damage

  • Lots of 'Correct the Posture' opportunities

Falconer Kluri

High Percentage Buff Strip

Sample Team Compositions

Iseria + Tamarinne + Damage Dealer + Damage Dealer

Falconer Kluri + Healer + Damage Dealer + Damage Dealer

Adventurer Ras + Buff Stripper + Damage Dealer + Damage Dealer

The main point is to keep Buffs off Archdemon Mercedes and the fight will be significantly easier.

This concludes our Hall of Trials Archdemon Mercedes Guide. See all our other guides here

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