Hall of Trials: Kayron

Updated: Jun 13

How to Defeat Kayron?

  • Keep full health as much as possible

  • Clear Minions as fast as possible because they come with various annoying Debuffs

  • Do not apply more than 3 debuffs at a time

Key Skills

Keep full health as much as possible

Due to "Approaching Death", which basically means that when a hero has less than 50% health takes damage, Kayron gains 10% Combat Readiness. It would be a terrible situation if Kayron is constantly taking turns and keeping our team's health low.

So bring your healers!

Clear Minions as fast as possible because they come with various annoying Debuffs

Most of this fight depends on how fast you can clear the minion waves. We recommend bringing lots of AOE damage or skills that targets multiple enemies.

The minions apply very annoying debuffs. In Phase 2, minions has a chance to stun, and in last Phase, LIch deals massive AOE damage and also applies a debuff. The Debuff once removed, will instantly kill the hero.

The only way to safely remove the debuff is by killing Lich as fast as possible.

Not only that, when minions are on the board, Kayron gets a defense buff. Removing minions will allow us to do maximum damage to Kayron. You can also negate this by bringing heroes that can strip Kayron's buffs.

Bringing lots of AOE damage will help with controlling Combat Readiness on Kayron too. Kayron gets an increase in Combat Readiness if he is targeted by a Single Target attack

Sez's Tip: Heroes that has basic attack that targets multiple targets are very helpful here.

Do not apply more than 3 debuffs at a time

Due to "Immortal Will" bad things will happen when you apply more than 3 debuffs, bad things will happen. So lets not go there.

Recommended Heroes

Some heroes we recommend for this Hall of Trials Boss. This list will not contain all the heroes so keep your creative juice flowing even if you do not have these heroes.


Due to Lich's Debuff, we need to avoid heroes that Cleanse with basic attacks.


  • Decrease Attack Debuff

  • Can Choose when to use her Heal

  • Invulnerability barrier

Angelic Montmorancy

  • Great Heal and Cleanse

  • High Effect Resistance which can help against Debuffs

Damage Dealers/Debuffers

Arbiter Vildred

  • Massive Damage to Minions

  • Resets cooldown of AOE damage when minion is killed

  • Hit Chance debuff helps minimize damage

  • Basic attack is multi-Target so Kayron doesn't gain Combat Readiness


  • AOE Damage skill cooldown reset when Defeating opponents

Seaside Bellona

  • Lots of AOE damage

  • Target debuff is useful during armor break stage

  • Be Wary of the amount of debuffs applied since SSB alone can apply 4 debuffs.

This concludes our Hall of Trials Kayron Guide. See all our other guides here

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