Hall of Trials: Useful Items to Buy

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

This Epic Seven Guide is focusing on what are some great items to buy from Hall of Trials Shop.

A lot of people think Hall of Trials is just for Exclusive Equipment, but now E7 developers have added many useful artifacts that can be purchased.

Before we go over the Artifacts, we will like to go over how to get there first.

Table of Contents

Where is the Shop?

Useful Items

Where is the Shop?

For whatever reason, Epic Seven decides to place Hall of Trials Shop in a completely different tab from normal shops. So a lot of newer players may not know where it is.

Go to the Hall of Trials Page first and click on "Exchange" where the yellow circle is below

Now press the Tab called "Other" , where the yellow circle is below

Now you know where these equipment is.

Useful Items

Sword of Ezera

In Epic Seven, Knights are generally the front line that will be tanking most of the damage. Sword of Ezera helps a lot in PVE contents like Wyvern Hunt and Expedition where knights are going to be tanking majority of the damage. This Artifact will lower the gear requirement on your knights and help with progression. If you are ever struggling with Knights surviving a boss fight, try sticking this on them!

Players usually do not need more than 1 or 2 copies of this as you need to save up for some other goodies.

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Iela Violin

One of the best Artifacts for Mages. Especially on mages that have AOE attacks like Dizzy or Champion Zerato. This artifact allows mages to reliably strip enemy's buffs.

This is particularly useful in PVP, Azimanak Hunt, and many other contents where dispelling buff from the enemy is critical

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Crimson Seed

One of the best artifacts for bruisers. This is heavily used in PVP on heroes like Apocalypse Ravi and Fire Ravi. Dispelling debuff will help in many circumstances where you are against a Control Team. With this artifact, your warrior will be able to run wild!

Cruel Mischief

This is solely for Hall of Trials. This will help you score higher points in Hall of Trials. Many players buy this to help complete some Reputation quests in Dagger Sicar.

This concludes our Hall of Trials Useful items guide. See all our other guides here.

Epic Seven made EZ by Sezgaming! Until next time!