How to Counter: Ruele of Light

Updated: May 23

Our How to Counter Series is a theory crafting series that hope to give readers some idea on how to counter certain hero or teams. It is very important to know this for all Epic Seven PVP contents.

In this post, we are going to cover one of the most powerful character in the game, Ruele of Light

Typical Ruele of Light

For Challenger Rank or above, it is expected for a Ruele to have at least the following stats

Health: 18,000+ Health

Defense: 1600+ Defense

Effect Resistance: 140 +

Speed: 170 to 200

Artifacts: Water's Origin, Proof of Valor, Idol's Cheer

(Honestly all other Soul Weaver Artifacts can be used)

Below Challenger Rank expect less defense or health stats and maybe no effect Resistance.

Below is a sample of our Ruele of Light that is in Arena Rank Challenger I and Champion lll Range:

Very tanky because of her high defense and health base stats. With the Support of Water's Origin or Proof of Valor, she is very difficult to one shot. We typically have to go in the match with expectation that Ruele will get a Revive off.

In PVP, we see Ruele of Light paired with high damage heroes like Tempest Surin, Renment Violet, Spector Tenebria. On top of that people usually draft Knights like Fallen Cecilia, Krau, Last Rider Krau to make everyone difficult to kill. Even if we do kill someone, Ruele will revive them.

Ruele of Light's Weakness

  1. Skills have long cool down

  2. Ruele of Light is not good with cleansing teamwide debuff because all her skills are single target

How to Counter?

Below are some ways we can counter Ruele of Light:

  1. One Shot Her First or Second Turn

  2. Damage multiple targets and make her choose who to use her long cool down skills

Let's go in detail on how to execute each option.

1. One Shot Her First or Second Turn

The most simple but also the most gear dependent way. Just kill her fast!

There are a few single target damage dealers that can deal a great amount of damage to her and then we may need a secondary damage dealer to finish her off.

Some examples of these hard hitting damage dealers are: Watcher Schuri, Challenger Dominiel and newer heroes such as Cermia, Ervalen.

Another way is to defense break her with a very high effectiveness Defense breaker.

Use heroes that has an ignore Effect resistance on their skill. One common example is Falconer Kluri's Skill 3, when we soul burn this skill it ignores Effect Resistance. This will require Tagahel's Ancient Book if we want it done in first turn.

2. Damage multiple targets and make her choose who to use her long cool down skills

Because Ruele has all solo heals with long CD, she cannot take care of everyone if she cannot soul burn skill 1. So one way we make Ruele of Light's life hard is to make multiple targets low health and make her choose who to save.

In Arena Defense it is even easier as Ruele of Light's AI is forced to use S3 on whoever is lowest health % or dead. So we can bait her into healing a target we do not care about by putting more damage on and kill the actual target later.

The main key against Ruele of Light is to have enough damage so that she doesn't have time to refresh her skills.

That concludes our guide. Now go slay some Ruele of Light!

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