Epic Seven: Equipment Worth Upgrading

Updated: Jan 8

In this post, we are going to share our general method to determine whether an Epic Seven gear is worth upgrading to +15 and also if it is worth reforging or not.

Before we start, we assume players are familiar with Epic Seven equipment basics and know what equipment to keep. If not, please see our Equipment 101 and What Equipment to Keep Guide.

Now Lets get started.


Equipment Substat

Equipment Rolls

Is the Equipment Worth +15?


Is the Equipment Worth Reforge?

Equipment Substat

E7 Equipment Sub Stat Range Chart

This chart is important because we need to be familiar with the possibilities before setting our goals for a piece of gear/equipment.

We should only focus on item level 72-85 or above everything below are only for early game and free gears we received to help us progress.

By knowing the Range, we can determine the average stats of each substat and this will help us create a benchmark of an "Average Gear".

Table below shows the Average Value for Each Sub Stats:

Average Sub Stat Table

Flat Stat

For Flat Stat, we determine by converting it to Attack%, Defense % or Health %. To convert Flat Stat to %, we have to use the journal to let us know what the Base Attack, Health or Defense is for our hero at fully awaken 6 Star.

Then the formula is as the following:

(Flat Stat on equipment) / (Base Stat at 6 Star max level) Multiply by 100 = % Stat

Here is an example:

We take Cecilia's Base health at 6751 and lets say we have an equipment with flat health 110. Lets use our formula

(110/6751) X 100 = 1.63%

We determine the gear quality by determining how many rolls of "Average Sub Stats" is on a piece of gear.

With our method,

Whether or not to +15 can be determined at +6 or +9

Whether or not to Reforge can be determined at +15 (sometimes earlier)

Sez's Tip: Roll means upgrade, but because we are a bunch of gamblers, we have an imaginary dice always in our head, so we call each upgrade a roll.

Equipment Rolls

Maximum rolls for a piece of gear is 9 rolls.

This is calculated by the following:

4 possible starting Stats = 4 rolls

1 roll at +3, +6, +9, +12, +15

This is equal to 9 rolls in total at max.

Remember we are determining an overall stat quality of a gear so Rarity and all that should not matter in our determinations. We only care about STATS.

Sez's Tip: Only Epic Gear can get the Maximum Rolls.

Based on this, the average gear should have 5 rolls

Using this logic, we determined that:

Less than 5 rolls is below average

Equal to 5 rolls is average

Greater than 5 rolls is above average

Dead Rolls

One important thing to note is that, we only count the rolls that are in the desired stats. All the rolls that went into the stat we don't want are Dead Rolls.

Here is a great example that we upgraded just for pure entertainment:

Let's count the rolls...

Crit Chance: 5/5 = 1

Crit Damage 6/6 = 1

Effect Resistance 22/7 = 3.14

Effectiveness = 30/7 = 4.29

Total rolls = 1+1+3.14+4.29 = 9.43

Woohoo a good piece! Not so fast....

With an attack% as main stat, we usually want to use this equipment on a damage dealer. This means the only stats we would want are Crit Chance, Crit Hit damage, and maybe sometimes effectiveness.

So 9.43 needs to subtract by 3.14 which would make it 6.29. This is if you want tons of Effectiveness on your heroes. If a hero does not need effectiveness, we subtract the number by another 4.29. This because a gear that only has 2 rolls.

Very terrible piece for heroes that do not need effectiveness.

Is This Equipment Worth +15?

We need to determine Starting Stats, Sets and Rolls when considering upgrading and it largely varies depending on what stage and how picky players want to be.


As mentioned in What Equipment to Keep Guide, we should only upgrade a piece of equipment that has at least 2 or more desired stats.


Depending on what stage of the game players are at, sometimes just having good stats doesn't warrant an upgrade. Players have very limited charms and gold, we may have to focus only on the desired sets to fully optimize our heroes' gears.

For early game players, broken sets are great for clearing PVE contents. However in Mid to Late game where players are starting to optimize and get into PVP.

Having the right sets and the right stats will be critical in building heroes.


Players can usually determine if a gear is worth +15 at the following stages:

+6 for Rare Equipment (Blue)

+6 for Heroic Equipment (Purple)

+6 or +9 for Epic Equipment (Red)

Rare Equipment (Blue)

Rare Equipment gets 2 starting rolls and 2 more on the same starting rolls at +3 and +6 gain new stats for +9 and +12 and 1 more upgrade at +15.

Maximum rolls on one single stat is 3 Rolls.

Typically a decent Rare Equipment will be 4 to 5 rolls.

The only way to reach 4 to 5 rolls is starting with 2 decent stats and at +3 and +6 both rolls are average or above average rolls.

Hence at +6 we would know for sure if we should keep upgrading.

We recommend only upgrade Rare Equipment with two desirable starting stats. This will increase the odds of getting an average looking piece.

Players would outgrow Blue Equipment relatively fast. So be very selective and only +15 a few of these for immediate needs.

Heroic Equipment (Purple)

Heroic Equipment gets 3 starting rolls and 3 rolls on these stats at +3, +6 and +9.

+12 you gain one new stat and +15 will upgrade one of the substats.

Heroic Equipment can easily get to 5 rolls if player has at least 2 desirable starting stats and this is where players start getting their immediate upgrades and transition from mid to late game.

Epic Equipment (Red)

Epic Equipment can easily get to 5 rolls assuming you have 2 or 3 desirable stats. Epic Equipment also doesn't have the unknown stat to worry about. At +6 you will know immediately if this will get to 5 rolls or not.

We recommend going for at least +9 on Epic pieces if the substats are good. Epic pieces has a lot of comeback potential. If you get a few high rolls later, the piece can still turn out to be "Epic".


Summary of Sez's Method

1. We use Average Stat as the baseline

2. We calculate how many rolls of Average Stats is in the gear before determining if the gear is worth continuing to upgrade.

3. We only consider the desired stats and ignore the rolls into unwanted stats.

Example 1

In this example we use this Hit set Weapon and lets say we are using this for a Damage Dealer unit like Arbiter Vildred who wants Attack, Crit Chance, Crit Hit Damage:

Average Sub Stat for the desired stats are the following:

Attack: 6%

Crit Hit Chance: 4%

Crit Hit Damage: 5%

So at +7 (or +6) the amount of rolls into desired stats are the following:

Attack 7% / 6% average = 1.17 rolls

Crit Hit Chance 14% / 4% = 3.5 rolls

Crit Hit damage 7%/ 5% = 1.4 rolls

Total Rolls is a little over 5 rolls at +6, it is already guaranteed to be above average at + 9. because this is a Heroic gear and we are getting 1 more roll into any of these 3 desirable stats.

This gear is very straight forward good gear, you probably do not even need to read this guide to determine that.

Example 2

Now lets look at a more tricky gear....

Here we consider a gear for our healer. We want both Health and Effect Resistance.

Now lets go over our method again:

Average value of the Sub Stat per Roll for the desired stats are the following:

Health: 6%

Effect Resistance: 6%

Crit Hit Damage: Ignored because we do not need this stat on our healer.

So the amount of rolls in each stats is calculated through the following:

Health 19%/6% = 3.16 rolls

Effect Resistance 6%/6 = 1 rolls

The total is around 4 rolls. Currently this gear has chance to be below average if the 4th stat is undesirable like an Attack% and if we get a low roll on the +15 and if it rolls into Crit Hit Damage or the 4th undesirable stat.

Depending on what stage of the game you are at, you can decide if you want to take the risk or not.

Is the Equipment Worth Reforging?

We typically say, if the gear has at least 6 rolls , then it can be considered for reforging. Ultimately players can decide how picky they want to be.

This concludes our guide. Remember a gear is definitely worth upgrading and reforge if..