Epic Seven: Must Pull Hero (Non-Moonlight)

Updated: Apr 15

In a hero collection game like Epic Seven, there is often too many heroes to choose and you sometimes have limited resources to pull/summon heroes.

This guide is aim to give you some suggestion on the must pull heroes in the current state of the game (as of Nov. 20 year 2020). We will be sure to update this as much as possible.




Seaside Bellona


Future Limited Heroes

Now lets dive into why they are Must Pulls...


Contents Used: All PVE contents

Tamarinne is by far one of the most impactful PVE healer in Epic Seven. Tamarinne makes a lot of content very very easy because of her overloaded kit. She can Cleanse debuffs, Heal, CR push, Attack Buff, Strip buff. Everything you need from a healer and more. Some people even use her for PVP if they have Iseria.

You will notice everything become a lot easier after Tamarinne is in your inventory.

Just as a FYI, there is a theme song sang by her characteric, Link here if you haven't

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Contents Used: Wyvern Hunt, PVP

Sigret is available in Selective Summons, and we highly suggest newer players to begin the game with her. She is very good overall and will find use in early and late game. She is the best Wyvern Hunt Damage dealer right now and Wyvern Hunt is widely regarded as the first and most important Hunt you need to be able to gear your heroes. She also deals massive single target damage with her S2 and S3. On top of that, her S3 has extinction.

Because of her late game utility and usefulness in Wyvern Hunt, we recommend pulling for her, preferably in Selective Summons.

Here is a link to Wyvern Hunt Guide

See how we build her by clicking here

Seaside Bellona

Content Used: Wyvern Hunt, PVP, Labyrinth

At one point, Seaside Bellona broke Epic Seven. 99% of Arena, GVG, World Arena are all Seaside Bellona. She is an amazing hero with lots of AOE damage. Her Counter attack does team wide damage and a chance to defense break. On top of that, her artifact Reingar's Drink does basically true damage..

She is also one of the few heroes that can apply 4 different Debuffs just by herself which makes her ideal for Wyvern Hunt and other PVE contents.

One of the best thing about her is she is very versatile and can make many different gears work. You can build her tanky and slow, or fast or however way you want her to be.

She is a limited unit so if she ever gets a rerun banner, please pull her.

See how we build her here

Here is a link to Wyvern Hunt Guide


Contents Used: PVE, PVP

Dizzy is another hero that broke Epic Seven for a while. Now you will see many PVE bosses have the no more than 3 debuffs mechanics is mainly because of Dizzy and Seaside Bellona.

However a lot of content before Dizzy's release will be a breeze if you have Dizzy. It will be about more than half of the contents. Her bread and butter is her S3 targets all enemy and ignores elemental disadvantage and will be applied on anyone that didn't have immunity buff or doesn't have high enough effect resistance. Not to mention the 3 debuffs are all powerful, Decrease hit Chance, Speed and Attack. Your opponent will basically tickle after Dizzy uses her S3.

She is also very strong as a pocket pick in PVP. If you draft her with someone that can strip immunity buff, she can excel in controlling the enemy team.

She is from a limited banner with Guilty Gear Collaboration. So do not try to get her in normal summon. However whenever she gets a rerun, please pull her.

All Future Limited Heroes

As you can see 2 out of 4 Heroes are Limited, so we recommend giving all limited heroes a look whenever they are released. One reason to pull limited heroes is that they cannot be pulled from normal banner. Although it is always hard to try to summon a specific hero that is not in Banner anyway. Another key benefit of Limited Heroes have a higher chance of getting buffed because of Epic Seven community always have high expectation on Limited heroes. So developers sometimes will cave to the community and buff any underwhelming Limited Hero. Not always though so still make your own judgements.

This concludes our Epic Seven Must Pull Heroes. For other guides please click here.

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