Because Epic Seven is a very complex game in the beginning, we decided to create a list of things players should be focusing on at each stage of the game. 

We separate Epic Seven into 3 Stages of progressions and they are Early, Mid and Late Game

Early Game   Start to Auto battling Wyvern 13

Mid Game     After clearing Wyvern 13 to clearing all PVE contents

End Game    After clearing all PVE events to eternity


Early Game

(Start to Auto Battling Wyvern 13)


Players have very limited resources and good gears, and need to focus on the essentials.

Sez's Tip: Please do not worry about PVP until Mid to Late game!

Key Objectives

Re-rolling and Selective Summons

Unlock Ingame Features

Learn the Game (Guide here)

Build Wyvern 13 Team (Guide here)

Basic Set up

Go through Beginner's Guide


Re-Roll account (Guide here)

Selective Summon Guide

Learn and do the Daily Routine (Guide here)

Learn what to buy from shops daily, weekly and monthly (Guide here)

Join a Guild (Guide here)

Set up Sanctuary (Guide here)

Moonlight's Blessing (Guide here)

Team Building

6 Star: Farmer, Wyvern Damage Dealer and Tank (Guide Here)

(Leveling Guide here)

Complete Free Spirit Tieria Connection and Adventure's Path

Build Wyvern 13 Team (Guide here)

Falconer Kluri Specialty Change

Angelic  Montmorancy Specialty Change

PVE Progression

Complete Adventurer's Path

Unlock Labyrinths and Raids

Abyss as high as possible

Automaton Tower Level 1 or Level 2

Defeat Wyvern 13 (Guide here)

Farm Wyvern 11 + during Currency and Gold Buff Events (ignore this if you cannot do Wyvern 11)

Brutal Pherus Expedition Level 1 (Guide here)


Buy Arena Gear (Guide here)

Gather as many free gear as possible (Guide here)

Upgrade Daydream Joker Artifact

PVP Progression
(Low Priority)

Climb as high as possible using the heroes we 6 Starred first  

Focus on clearing NPC Arena

Don't  Do's

Spending too much resources building an Arena Team

Building Azimanak Hunt Team

Buildling Banshee  Hunt Team

Building Golem  Hunt Team

Building Too Many Heroes 

Feeding your Unique Heroes to 6 star characters (keep at least one copy of each hero please)


Mid Game

(After Wyvern 13 to Clearing all PVE Contents)

This is the phase where people get confused and not sure what to do because it feels like we have already accomplished a big milestone in Wyvern Hunts. 

The fact is players can pretty much can do anything they want and work at their own pace here. Start enjoying various challenging contents in PVE and PVP. 

Have fun!


Key Objectives

Clearing all PVE contents. 

Prepare for PVP contents

Must Do's

Basic Set up

Finish Setting up Sanctuary (Guide here)

Finish Building Pets (Guide here)

Finish Unlocking all Ingame Features


Buy Arena Gear (Guide here)

Finish Gathering free gear (Guide here)

Start Buying Hell Raid Gear 

Craft Speed Set Equipment and some Immunity Set Weapon

PVE Progression

Complete Adventurer's Path

Defeat Hell Raid

Clear Abyss to level 100  (Guide here)

Build Banshee 13 (Guide here)

Build Azimanak 13 (Guide here)

Finish Adventure Story Mode and collect all free gears (Guide here)

Hall of Trials (Guide here)

Do Expedition Level 2 to Level 3 (Guide Here)

PVP Progression

Build Actual PVP Teams and try to go for Challenger Rank for more Skystones

World Arena Master Rank for Skins

PVP Guides

Team Building

Build Heroes that can help with PVP and PVE 



Hero Builds

End Game

(After Clearing all PVE content to Eternity)

Key Objectives

Reforge gears to ilvl 90

World Arena (RTA) Guide here

Keep building waifu or husbandos or any interesting things

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