Selective Summon Season 2 is unlocked after players defeat 10-10 in Eureka. This time players are a lot more seasoned and may need to consider their circumstances when picking the hero to keep.  This Guide is meant to help player consider all options and decide who to go for. 

If you need help with the first Selective Summon, please click here

Updated as of 9/11/2021


Top Recommended

Heroes that are must haves in our opinion



  • Amazing Combat Readiness Push with Attack + Crit Hit Damage buff

  • AOE Defense Break

  • Fast innate speed

  • Great for setting up Cleave Teams when paired with a buff stripper

Flan is good for anyone that cleaves and is a very unique hero because she can gain an extra turn after soul burn on S3. This means she is one of the few heroes that can Defense Break AND give Attack buff to your damage dealer. The only caveat is that she needs a buff stripper to go first to dispel all the immunity buffs. 

Overall Flan is a must have if you like to Cleave with your team and do not have Flan yet. 



  • Unique Passive makes her good in both Offense and Defense

  • Versatile builds

  • Counter Cleave or be part of the Cleave Team

Politis is a game changer. With her passive that decreases the effectiveness of Combat Readiness increase, she can be used to counter Cleave Teams, and teams that rely a lot on non-attack skills. She can also be used as Cleave team because her multiplier is not bad and she effectively has 2 AOE damage. In RTA, if players pick her first will deny the opponent from using Politis. Because of her uniqueness, we recommend getting at least one copy of her to provide some flexibility to player's account. 



In the decent list, we have many very niche Heroes that are not as good as Top Recommendations. 



  • Great Bruiser

  • Teamwide Buff

  • Can do significant single target damage

  • HP Scaling, which makes her tanky and deal lots of damage. 

Choux is a great bruiser with nice single target damage. With some luck, she can put out some surprise single target damage like Charles because she has an exclusive equipment that gives her a chance to trigger her S2 when she uses her S1. However there are too many competition out there that has similar bruiser role. This is why she is in the Decent Tier. 



  • Great Bruiser

  • AOE Buff Dispel

  • Defense Break on S1

  • HP Scaling, allows her to be tanky while dealing lots of damage

  • Teamwide Defense Buff on S3

Alencia is another great bruiser that bring a lot of utility. We contemplated on putting her as Top Recommendation versus Decent. So dont be surprised if she moved to Top Recommendation on later list. She is an amazing bruiser that is really hard to kill and also hard to ignore for the opponent. She can strip all buffs and provide defense buff for the team. A well geared Alencia can deal significant damage to targets because her combo with Defense Break and immediately follow up with an attack when she has Mind's Eye.  This will not allow opponent a chance to cleanse Defense Break debuff. She is a little out of favor in RTA right now as the meta game is a little too fast for her at the moment. But don't be surprised to see her make a comeback when the meta game shift. Alencia's kit is just very stacked. 



  • Great Single Target Damage Dealer

  • Can Banshee One shot

Ervalen is a great single target damage dealer. He can usually bust through most of the tanks as his skills scales against the enemy's health. This is why he can also be used as a Banshee One Shot team, although he will need better gear than Baiken to accomplish it. 



  • Great Bruiser

  • Defense Break on S1

  • Buffs for the whole team

  • Injuries debuff

We will be honest, we do not use Mort, but the community seems committed to make him work. Currently, his S1 has a nice Defense Break % and he counter attacks pretty often. However we think he relies on proc chances. We think there are other bruiser heroes that can provide more utility. ​



  • Teamwide Immunity

  • Defense Break on S1

  • Teamwide Provoke

  • Buff Strip and Decrease Attack

Cecilia is a great Utility Hero that can give a lot of teamwide buffs. The AOE provoke can cause a lot of problems for the enemy. She also has access to Knights Artifacts which are all very useful in protecting the team. 



  • Crit Hit Damage Buff can be good to set up other heroes

  • Decent Single Target Damage

  • Same with most bruisers, they are not bad in Arena and Guild Wars

Ilynav highly depends on how much you value Crit Hit Damage Buff and Bruisers. She is rarely used in RTA, but Guild Wars and Arena is not terrible. If Injury Debuff ever gets buffed, Ilynav could quickly become one of the most useful heroes. As a side note, Ilynav animation is  amazing!



  • Solo Labyrinth, great for F2P Ancient Coins

  • Great Single Target Damage

  • With Great gear, she can one shot some bosses

Yufine is not a must have hero as many other single target damage dealers can do the same thing. The only thing that makes Yufine unique is that she can solo Labyrinth and farm Ancient coins for a long time. There are many Yufine solo Labyrinth videos out there so feel free to check them out. 



  • Reflect Damage, good against squishy heroes

  • Apply random buffs

  • Provoke on S1

  • Counter Attack pairs well with S1 provoke

Senya is definitely not a must have by any means. She has a nice niche against squishy heroes and could do well if a fight is drawn out. 


For Lovers Only

Heroes that require lots of Love and we do not recommend

Bomb Model Kanna


  • AOE Damage

  • Easy to gear with the passive that increases attack or effectiveness

  • Speed buff

Bomb Model Kanna is actually more useful than a lot of the heroes listed in Decent, but we do not recommend her because she can be obtained through Connection Heroes. Only get her if you need her imprint!



Never seen her used and never needed her at the moment. She will require some buff to become useful.


This concludes Selective Summon Season 2 guide. Check out our other guides here

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