Before you keep reading... Please make sure you have the following. If you are missing one on the list, you cannot do a Wyvern 13 One Shot yet. Please refer to Regular Wyvern Hunt Guide instead.

Must Have Heroes

Sinful Angelica
(Main Tank)
(Main Damage)
(Defense Break)
(Defense Breaker)
Seaside Bellona
(Wave Clearer)
(Wave Clearer)

Sez's Tip: Clarissa will require higher Gear Quality

Other Must have before you consider building Wyvern One Shot

  • Can build Sinful Angelica with 200% Effect Resistance and around 200 speed

  • Have a decent Rage Set for Sigret.  Example of the gear quality needed see Sigret below.

  • Decent gear for Seaside Bellona or Clarissa to clear First Wave of the Hunt in one turn. See example gear quality for it to happen... 


If you think you can get close to these requirements, continue reading for the full guide. If not, stick with normal Wyvern 13 method for now until you can fulfill the requirement. Or try out Banshee One Shot

Hero Builds

We are going to focus on Sinful Angelica + Seaside Bellona + Sigret + Karin Team

Sinful Angelica

  • Effect Resistance at least 200% this will prevent Wyvern from dispelling her immortality bufff

  • Speed needs to be basically exactly 200, but players can exceed or decrease it by a few points.  This guarantees her to move first in first wave and allows other teammates to move before her at Wyvern Phase. Very important for Speed tuning purpose. 

  • No MolaGora needed

Seaside Bellona

  • Speed needs to be around 180 and cannot exceed Sinful Angelica's Speed. This will allow Seaside Bellona to take advantage of the Attack Buff from Sinful Angelica, but still be faster than Sigret and Karin. 

  • Needs to do enough damage so that S2 + S3 combo will kill the first wave of the minions

  • MolaGora on S2 and S3 are needed unless you have super insane gear


  • Rage Set needed for true One Shot. Really good Damage equipment needed

  • Speed is not needed

  • MolaGora on S3 and S1 needed for maximum damage


  • Speed is around 160, if you increase her speed, you need to increase your whole team's Speed, which increases gear requirement... This speed allows Karin to outspeed Sinful Angelica in Wyvern Phase. So she can apply Defense Break before all damage dealers take their turns. 

  • Effectiveness 65% to land debuffs

  • Give her as much damage as possible to help out with killing Wyvern as soon as possible. The more damage Karin can do, the lower the gear requirement on Sigret. 

  • MolaGora is optional, but its the easiest way for Karin to deal more damage. 



Turn Order and Sequence

Speed tuning is incredibly important in One Shot teams as we need to maximize every little damage we have. The ideal Turn Order and Sequence we need for the Seaside Bellona One Shot team is the following:

Wave 1

  1. Sinful Angelica S3 (Attack +Speed Buff for everyone) 

  2. Seaside Bellona uses S3 

  3. Minion 1 and 2 attacks the team and triggers Seaside Bellona's S2


Note: If players are using Clarissa instead of Seaside Bellona, in sequence #2, Clarissa needs to make sure she kills one of the minion to trigger her S2 and kill off the rest of the minions. 

The most important thing in this phase is to make sure Sigret and Karin do not take any turns. 

Wave 1 clear. Attack and Speed Buff are still on Sigret and Karin

Wave 2

Because of the speed buff, Karin should be allowed to go before Sinful Angelica

  1. Karin uses S2 and S3 combo

  2. Sinful Angelica triggers Dual Attack with Sigret

  3. Seaside Bellona Attacks

  4. Sigret uses S3 


Wyvern should be dead or close to dead by the end of this sequence. 

Wyvern Clear. 


Recommended Artifact

Sigret and Karin


Daydream Joker is the best artifact to maximize damage against Wyvern. Naturally both of our main single target Damage dealers are on Daydream Joker.  

Seaside Bellona and Clarissa

A Symbol of Unity.jpg
Reingar's Drink.jpg

Anything that helps add damage to clear first wave is useful. For Seaside Bellona, Reingar's Special Drink is the best if you have a +30 one. We didnt have a max enhanced Reingar's Special Drink so we went with A Symbol of Unity.

Sinful Angelica


Any Artifact that helps the team's damage is great here. Midnight Bloom and Super Duper Water Gun Shooter are just two examples. 


Video Demonstration


This concludes our guide. Feel free to check out  Useful Artifacts for Wyvern or other Guides

E7 made EZ by Sez Gaming! Until next time!